- cele mai noi jocuri zilnic!
jocuri - cele mai jucate si cele mai noi jocuri zilnic!

Bine ati venit la, locul perfect pentru distractia online, unde veti gasi jocuri pentru copii si nu numai. Aici puteti juca jocuri gratuite, in fiecare zi sunt adaugate jocuri noi. Categoriile de jocuri pe care le veti intalni aici sunt in majoritatea lor jocuri cu masini, cu Mario si Luigi, Barbie si Dora, Bratz, Sonic si de gatit si chiar jocuri cu desene animate.

In general jocurile de condus sunt pe primul plan pentru ca sunt si cele mai frumoase si cele mai interesante. Baietii pot conduce masini, camioane, pot parca masini de taxi sau pot conduce ambulante. Cei care iubesc avioanele pot pilota cele mai rapide avioane de razboi iar cei carora le plac motocicletele pot face diverse cascadorii cu motociclete de noroi.

Pentru fete avem jocuri de imbracat cu Barbie sau jocuri de gatit. Cei mai mari se pot distra in jocuri de poker ca la casino, pot juca jocuri de fotbal, jocuri cu biliard ori jocuri cu bani. Daca iti doresti sa devii doctor poti juca jocuri medicale in care vei avea posibilitatea sa operezi virtual pacienti.

 Cele mai noi jocuri
Ford Mustang Shelby gt500 2010 - jocuri cu masini
  Ford Mustang Shelby gt500 2010     

A very nice wallpaper with the nicest car,Ford Mustang Shelby gt500 2010,jocuri masini. in cele mai noi jocuri cu masini

 Cele mai jucate jocuri
Mad Monday - jocuri cu masini
  Mad Monday     

Drive over people and shoot all the traffic infront of you. try not to die as you avoid obstacles, jocuri masini. ca in cele mai jucate jocuri de masini

Mario Rush Arena - jocuri cu mario
  Mario Rush Arena     

Help Mario to jump on as many enemies as possible to gain combos and finally defeat the evil Bowser.

Monoliths Mario World - jocuri cu mario
  Monoliths Mario World     

Bowser has kidnapped the princess again. It's up to Mario to save the damsel in distress! in cele mai jucate jocuri cu Mario

Build Yourself - jocuri barbie
  Build Yourself     

Build Yourself, Imbraca-te singura, jocuri cu barbie. in ultimele jocuri Barbie

Cowboy - jocuri barbie

Barbie is a cowboy.Barbie este cowboy,schimba-i imbracamintea.Jocuri barbie.

Sonica - jocuri sonic

Guide Sonic in another adventure through dungeons to collect golden coins, avoiding the evil creatures.

Ultimate Sonic The Hedgehog Quiz - jocuri sonic
  Ultimate Sonic The Hedgehog Quiz     

Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik. in top jocuri Sonic

Fly over skyscrapers - jocuri cu avioane
  Fly over skyscrapers     

Destroy the skyscrapers and some of the worlds most famous monuments by dropping bombs on them. in cele mai noi jocuri cu avioane

Squadron Angel - jocuri cu avioane
  Squadron Angel     

Collect fuel to continue flying and avoid dangers.

Black Jack - jocuri casino
  Black Jack     

A traditional Black Jack game.

Card Frenzy - jocuri casino
  Card Frenzy     

Given a set of seven cards, guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the preceding one. in cele mai jucate jocuri la casino

Super Bike Race - jocuri cu motociclete
  Super Bike Race     

Motor Bike Game in ultimele jocuri cu motociclete

Motocourse Rally - jocuri cu motociclete
  Motocourse Rally     

Race your dirt bike over jumps and through rough terrain!

Daffy Duck - desene animate
  Daffy Duck     

Desene animate - Daffy Duck

Bikini bottom or bust - desene animate
  Bikini bottom or bust     

Desene animate - Bikini bottom or bust in top jocuri cu desene animate

Quit Smoking - jocuri medicale
  Quit Smoking     

Quit smoking now,a very nice game against a bad habbit. in ultimele jocuri cu doctori adaugate

Liver Kidneys Gut Blood Vessels - jocuri medicale
  Liver Kidneys Gut Blood Vessels     

Choose a body part.Liver Kidneys Gut Blood Vessels.

Saving Quest - jocuri bani
  Saving Quest     

Play the role of a different character and save money.

Fish Money - jocuri bani
  Fish Money     

Get as many gold as you can. In order to win, you have to reach to the target points. in cele mai jucate jocuri cu bani la

The Champions 07 - jocuri fotbal
  The Champions 07     

Score as many goals as you can in order to beat your opponent, jocuri fotbal. in ultimele jocuri cu fotbal

Goal Shoot - jocuri fotbal
  Goal Shoot     

You must find a way of blasting, curling, tapping or bending the ball past the wall and goalkeeper to score an unbelievable goal, jocuri cu fotbal.

Pancake Day - jocuri de gatit
  Pancake Day     

Ziua checului,jocuri gatit.Learn how to make a perfect pancake.

Bake Chocolate Cake - jocuri de gatit
  Bake Chocolate Cake     

Fa o prajitura de ciocolata,jocuri gatit.Learn how to bake the most delicious cake ever. in top jocuri de gatit

Trick Blast Billiards - jocuri biliard
  Trick Blast Billiards     

Trick Blast Billiards,jocuri biliard.The object of this game is to clear all the bombs from the pool table before time expires. in jocuri noi cu biliard

Turtle Pool - jocuri biliard
  Turtle Pool     

Turtle Pool,jocuri biliard. It is turtle mating season! make them happy by matching their mate.

Defend Level 60 Cards - jocuri carti
  Defend Level 60 Cards     

Click on all the attacking icons that are trying to hurt your master icon in the center,jocuri carti.

Speed - Cards - jocuri carti
  Speed - Cards     

Place a card into either one of the middle pile of cards. The card always has to be one number higher, or one number lower than the card in the middle,jocuri carti. in cele mai jucate jocuri cu carti de joc

Parking - jocuri parcari

Park your car as accurately as possible int the marked space. Do not hit cars or ohter obstacles, otherwise you car will suffer damage,joc din categoria jocuri parcari. in ultimele jocuri de parcat masini

Park This Car - jocuri parcari
  Park This Car     

Crash some cars and park others. Move certain ones out of your way. Don't hit the cop car,joc din categoria jocuri parcari.

Online Video Poker - jocuri poker
  Online Video Poker     

A very simple, yet fun, online video poker game, categoria jocuri poker.

3 card Poker - jocuri poker
  3 card Poker     

3 card Poker is two games in one. The player may bet on either one, both, and in different amounts,jocuri poker. in cele mai jucate jocuri de poker

Military Monster Truck - jocuri cu camioane
  Military Monster Truck     

Get your truck to the finish before time runs out,joc din categoria jocuri camioane. in cele mai noi jocuri cu camioane

Top Truck - jocuri cu camioane
  Top Truck     

Balance your big foot truck as you try not to crash or tip over. Make each level in the given time,categoria jocuri camioane. in top jocuri cu camioane