- cele mai noi jocuri zilnic!
jocuri - cele mai jucate si cele mai noi jocuri zilnic!

Bine ati venit la, locul perfect pentru distractia online, unde veti gasi jocuri pentru copii si nu numai. Aici puteti juca jocuri gratuite, in fiecare zi sunt adaugate jocuri noi. Categoriile de jocuri pe care le veti intalni aici sunt in majoritatea lor jocuri cu masini, cu Mario si Luigi, Barbie si Dora, Bratz, Sonic si de gatit si chiar jocuri cu desene animate.

In general jocurile de condus sunt pe primul plan pentru ca sunt si cele mai frumoase si cele mai interesante. Baietii pot conduce masini, camioane, pot parca masini de taxi sau pot conduce ambulante. Cei care iubesc avioanele pot pilota cele mai rapide avioane de razboi iar cei carora le plac motocicletele pot face diverse cascadorii cu motociclete de noroi.

Pentru fete avem jocuri de imbracat cu Barbie sau jocuri de gatit. Cei mai mari se pot distra in jocuri de poker ca la casino, pot juca jocuri de fotbal, jocuri cu biliard ori jocuri cu bani. Daca iti doresti sa devii doctor poti juca jocuri medicale in care vei avea posibilitatea sa operezi virtual pacienti.

 Cele mai noi jocuri
Fireball 5 - jocuri cu masini
  Fireball 5     

The feel of the open road. Its a wonderful thing, except when you've entered the Demon's Territory, jocuri masini. in cele mai noi jocuri cu masini

 Cele mai jucate jocuri
Drag Race Demon 2 - jocuri cu masini
  Drag Race Demon 2     

The Demon is back - customize your sled and prepare to take on the competition, jocuri masini. ca in cele mai jucate jocuri de masini

Ultimate Mario Game Quiz - jocuri cu mario
  Ultimate Mario Game Quiz     

Answer numerous questions on different mario games, featuring luigi, toad, princess, bowser and more

Mario Time Attack Remix - jocuri cu mario
  Mario Time Attack Remix     

Help Mario run against the clock and rescue princess Peach, kidnapped by an evil Lakitu... in cele mai jucate jocuri cu Mario

Imbrac-o pe Monica - jocuri barbie
  Imbrac-o pe Monica     

Monica e acasa. Imbrac-o asa cum iti place sa se simta si ea confortabil acasa :) in ultimele jocuri Barbie

The castle - jocuri barbie
  The castle     

Barbie in The castle games,jocuri cu papusa barbie.

Snack Dash - jocuri sonic
  Snack Dash     

Eating healthy food and getting in shape hasnt been this exciting..

Sonic The Hedgehog Bad Bubbles - jocuri sonic
  Sonic The Hedgehog Bad Bubbles     

Sonic is trapped in the water tank and he needs some air! Should he use the air bubble or not... in top jocuri Sonic

Air Mause Force Attack - jocuri cu avioane
  Air Mause Force Attack     

Fast Arcade shoot um up mid air battle, a very very cool and fast game...lots of explosions.. in cele mai noi jocuri cu avioane

Battle Over Berlin - jocuri cu avioane
  Battle Over Berlin     

Battle your way in the skies of berlin for aerial supremacy..

Craps - jocuri casino

Who doesn't like to roll the dice every now and then?

Let It Ride - jocuri casino
  Let It Ride     

Are you going to pull back, or let it ride? in cele mai jucate jocuri la casino

Get A Grip - jocuri cu motociclete
  Get A Grip     

Get A Grip bike flash game in ultimele jocuri cu motociclete

Motorbike 1 - jocuri cu motociclete
  Motorbike 1     

Extreme bike racing in nasty terrain!

Golden Egg - desene animate
  Golden Egg     

Desene animate - Golden Egg

Donald Duck Wallpaper - desene animate
  Donald Duck Wallpaper     

Donald duck and his girlfriend. in top jocuri cu desene animate

Quit Smoking - jocuri medicale
  Quit Smoking     

Quit smoking now,a very nice game against a bad habbit. in ultimele jocuri cu doctori adaugate

Birth Conception - jocuri medicale
  Birth Conception     

Our genes are our original recipe for life - and its ingredients interact to shape the individuals we become.

Design Your Own Bill - jocuri bani
  Design Your Own Bill     

This fun game is a great way to introduce children to money by allowing them to design THEIR own currency.

Pick Money - jocuri bani
  Pick Money     

Collect money while trying to move around the moving platforms and avoiding the sharp objects. in cele mai jucate jocuri cu bani la

Pegote Ball - jocuri fotbal
  Pegote Ball     

Keep the ball in the air as long as you can by kicking it, jocuri cu fotbal. in ultimele jocuri cu fotbal

Legends Penalty Shootout - jocuri fotbal
  Legends Penalty Shootout     

The name says it all. Complete all rounds, jocuri fotbal.

Sushi Oishi - jocuri de gatit
  Sushi Oishi     

Fa un Sushi,jocuri gatit.You work in a sushi-bar and you have to make sushi for your customers.

Fun and Burger - jocuri de gatit
  Fun and Burger     

Distractie si burgeri,jocuri gatit.Look out! You've got to make hamburgers. in top jocuri de gatit

Billiards Frenzy - jocuri biliard
  Billiards Frenzy     

Billiards Frenzy,jocuri biliard.A very simple computer-based pool game. in jocuri noi cu biliard

9 Ball - jocuri biliard
  9 Ball     

9 Ball,jocuri biliard.Are you ready for a game of 9 ball pool?

Smokin Aces Card Killer - jocuri carti
  Smokin Aces Card Killer     

Kill Buddy Israel as fast as you can,jocuri carti.

Pit Boss Cards - jocuri carti
  Pit Boss Cards     

Pit Boss is an easy to play and addictive interactive Formula 1 card game,jocuri carti. in cele mai jucate jocuri cu carti de joc

Bombay Taxi - jocuri parcari
  Bombay Taxi     

Pakya, the taxi driver, is frustrated and tired after a hard day's work and is now faced with another problem, parking,joc din categoria jocuri parcari. in ultimele jocuri de parcat masini

Trailer Park It - jocuri parcari
  Trailer Park It     

One of the hardest parking games out there. Try to park the trailer into the highlighted spots,joc din categoria jocuri parcari.

The Dukes of Hazzard Hold 'Em - jocuri poker
  The Dukes of Hazzard Hold 'Em     

You will compete with Daisy Duke in this very sexy game of poker,categoria jocuri poker.

Flash Poker - jocuri poker
  Flash Poker     

One player fantasy poker game,jocuri poker. in cele mai jucate jocuri de poker

What the Truck - jocuri cu camioane
  What the Truck     

Hurl Larry the Cable Guy's ride into a path of vehicular destruction. Boost your truck and blow up as much property as possible for big air and bigger points, jocuri camioane. in cele mai noi jocuri cu camioane

Monster Truck Curfew - jocuri cu camioane
  Monster Truck Curfew     

Get Your Tilty Truck Home in Time,joc din categoria jocuri camioane. in top jocuri cu camioane